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Cape of good hope, Cape Point, Day Tour, Cape Peninsula

Cape Point

Cape Town is bolstering with incredible mountain ranges, numerous bays and incredible vegetation but out of all of this, there are a few spots that stand out and one is Cape point.

Cape point the edge of the Cape Peninsula juts out into the Oceans piercing the Atlantic (on the right) and the Indian Ocean (on the left) apart.

60km away from the CBD lies a natural world heritage site; filled with flora and fauna and wildlife. Cape Point is a traveller’s paradise; whether you enjoy hiking or picture taking..

The edge of the Cape Peninsula stands jaggedly at 200m above sea level. The sheer cliffs are great for the adventurous hiker or avid photographer.

Cape Peninsula Tour

The best way to travel to Cape Point would be through a Cape Peninsula tour. This is recommended by our Tourbox afficianados. This tour takes you through the highlights of the peninsula and finally to the main event Cape Point.

The Cape Peninsula tour begins in the Central business district and leads through the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula.

The tour proceeds to Hout Bay an old harbour town where you visit the harbour. The choice of a  chartered boat tour to seal island is available. You are also free to explore the harbour and its numerous shops and seals.

The tour then proceeds further past Chapmans peak as the locals call it chappies.Here the full beauty of the harbour can be viewed or pictured. The tour then proceeds through the peninsula to the Indian Ocean side into the Table Mountain National Park where Cape Point lies ahead.

Here you have the option for a hike up to the light house or down on to the cliff edge of Cape Point. You could also ride a bike down to the beach that lies next to the mountainous Cape Point. There is also the option of staying in the vehicle and proceeding to the beach next to the cliff edge.

Then the tour after sometime proceeds onwards to Simonstown where Penguins can be viewed at Boulders Beach. After this the tour leads back into the CBD through the different coastal towns on the Cape Peninsula’s Indian Ocean side.

This method is by far the best way to see the most of the Cape Peninsula. The guides are born and bred in Cape Town. They have the best knowledge of the surrounding areas and best spots.


Cape Point is a definite must see on your visit to South Africa.

muizenberg-beach-huts , Cape Town Beaches, Cape Peninsula Beaches


Summer beach season in Cape Town

As the sun begins to grace the southern tip of Africa with its gentle caress, we stand here looking for a place to cool ourselves from the enveloping heat. Here we will highlight some of the best beaches to cool your body from the caress of the African sun.

Camps Bay Beach

This beach is bustling with life; from the restaurants, ice cream vendors to the surfers. A long stretch of beach that also includes a tidal pool on its west end side. This beach is a definite must go. Accessible by public or private transport. Parking though is a difficulty owing to the narrow road and the beach’s popularity.

This beach is great for families with children or youth looking to sun bathe or swim. It is also a step away from Camps Bay beach front where restaurants await. Camps Bay Beach is very popular and can be a little crowded though it borders other beaches.

The glen Beach.

This short stretch of beach right next to Camps Bay Beach, located in a residential area in Camps Bay; accessed by steps from the main road leading past beach houses is great for surfers and anyone wanting to get away from the crowds on Camps Bay beach but still be close to the beach front restaurants.

Clifton beach 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Crossing the east end of Camps Bay all the way to Bantry Bay, the Clifton beaches are a go to for beach bums and surfers. Remote and quaint but yet still central and accessible are words associated with the beaches. The Clifton beaches are separated by rocks that are easily climbed but can also be accessed by steep steps from the main road. The beaches offer beautiful views of the ocean and are enclosed by beach front houses. The beaches cover a big stretch of shore across the Atlantic sea board and are a great get away from the sounds of the city, the beaches are walking distance from shops and restaurants in Camps Bay and Sea Point.

Muizenberg beach

This beach is located on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula and sports far warmer water than the Atlantic. This beach is by far the friendliest in terms of swimming and surfing surrounded by surf shops and surf schools.

The beach is suitable for walking, wading or surfing. The Beach has existed long in South Africa’s history and is bordered by history in form of architecture and culture. The beach stretches a long way on the coast.

This beach can be accessed train or car drive. On hot days the beach attracts crowds of beach goers and it can be difficult to find a suitable spot to sunbathe, though it is worth the effort if you find yourself in need of a surf lesson. Surf boards can be hired at the shops lining the beach front. Surf schools are also available and surf lessons can be booked for interested parties.

Llundando beach

A hidden gem among the many beaches around Cape Town. A mere 20 kilometres away from the CBD, lies Llundando beach hidden within the residential area of Llundando. This beach is a local favourite, remote and great for surfing or beach games. The water is cold which is great for those hot summer days. The beach can be accessed by public transport then on foot or by private vehicle, parking is available. No shops are around so stock up before visiting this beach. Llundando is well known to locals and loved by all.


  • Take sunscreen with you as the African sun is unforgiving.
  • Take Sunglasses with you to shade yourself from the sun.
  • Carry ample liquids to avoid dehydration.
  • Carry an extra towel.
  • Take balls, beach bats or just a book.
  • Keep emergency numbers close by in the case of anything.
  • Watch out for life guards in the case of danger notifications.


South Africa sports some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it should definitely be on everyone’s to do list to visit one of them at least while the summer lasts.camps_bay_beach_at_sunset_04, Cape Town Beaches, Cape Town



kirstenbosch Gardens, Summer Concerts, Summer in Cape town


On the backdrop of Table Mountain lies the jewel that is Kirstenbosch gardens. Kirstenbosch covers 5 of the 6 different biomes in South Africa.

First established in 1931, as the first botanical garden established under the ethos of protecting the unique flora of the country.

Kirstenbosch gardens attracts crowds of people every summer for their summer concerts.

People are also attracted to Kirstenbosch gardens for its incredible floral diversity and beauty.

The concerts consists of international and local artists sharing the stage throughout the duration of the summer season.

The concerts begin from November 22 to 3 April 2017 this year. Some of the playing this summer season will be Johnny Clegg, Jeremy loops, Al bairre, Prime circle, Micasa and many more.

Under the shadow of Table Mountain some of the best local musical acts have played here while people jumped , swayed and sat on the manicured grass.

The Summer concerts begin at 5:00pm to 7:00pm and occur generally on a Sunday.

Occasionally kirstenbosch gardens hosts international acts.

Kirstenbosch gardens is a popular venue for outdoor movie viewings as it provides for a cozy intimate setting.

The flaura and fauna also add to the atmosphere and the shadow of Table Mountain standing guard all play a factor in the popularity of this venue.



  • Special prices for children under the age of 18 are available and students upon presentation of student cards.
  • Gates open at 4pm and the concerts begin at 5:00pm.
  • Ticket purchases begin every Tuesday after the begin of the season.
  • Tickets can be purchased either online or at the gates.



  • Carry a blanket or pillows to sit on as no sitting is provided.
  • Carry your beverges and snacks to avoid long lines.
  • Watch weather forecast as summer rains are not uncommon.
  • Carry sunscreen as the South African Sun is unforgiving.


The summer concerts are sure to break the monotony of your Sundays.

table mountain, Cape Town, Hiking in Caoe Town

Hiking Table Mountain

Hiking Table Mountain has always been a got to do while in Cape Town. The Scenery available to hikers of the city are immense and are accentuate by time you have to gaze at the magnificence that is Cape Town. On the hike you encounter lots of shrubbery , flora and fauna all the way to the top.

It is a stimulating hike, with wondrous options for the hiker. The hike is not too strenuous and does not require special equipment; besides a good level of fitness and mental fortitude for the journey’s length .There are numerous hiking trails, the choices are up to the hiker to decide on; in terms of their physical capabilities and the type of experience they would like to gain from the hike.

The popular hiking trails are: Platteklip gorge and Skeleton gorge. All commencing from different points of the behemoth Table Mountain.

Platteklip gorge

This hiking trail is most popular to visitors to Table Mountain.  The route can take 1hr to 3hrs to complete depending on your level of fitness. The trail is quite steep but can be done by older children in peak condition.

The route starts a few metres from the cable way station and ends 3km later, though the distance might seem short the steep sides are not to be trifled with. The trail has a steep gradient gaining 700m over 3km. The trail might not be suited for adventure seekers. It is the most easily accessible route as it is located close to the city.

The route in summer is rather tackled before the midday sun as the African sun is unforgiving. The route offers great scenery but very little in panoramic views, though it is covered in flora and fauna and is great for nature lovers or those unsure of their fitness level and are in it for the experience of hiking to the top.


Skeleton gorge

Skeleton gorge is a ravine going up Table Mountain; many nature lovers with the purpose of experiencing solitude and vegetation have taken to it; as a hiking trail. The top of the trail is not the summit to finally reach the summit a hiker would need to take Smuts track at the top of Table Mountain to Maclears beacon which is the summit.

Skeleton gorge is 6.2km long and gains 930m within that length. A good fitness level and  preparation is required for a journey to the top . The route is designed for nature lovers, reminiscent of a forest. Filled with wild vegetation all over. The route has very little in terms of scenery. The trail is not adventurous but more so, long and strenuous.

The route begins in Kirstenbosch botanical gardens and splits into skeleton gorge and nursery ravine, the other route with less clambering. Usual hikers take skeleton gorge up then nursery ravine down.

The route takes an estimated 6hours to complete depending on stops and fitness levels.

The route will fit well with nature lovers with a good amount of time and curiosity. It offers a lot in flora, fauna and wild vegetation.


  • Take a water canister with you.
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel
  • Lots of snacks
  • A friend if possible
  • Cell phone with emergency numbers

Exercising caution while on your hike is recommended. Take your time and if it so happens you cannot go on whether it would be bad weather or physical reasons, turn back and always carry a phone with emergency numbers in the case of an emergency.

Always and always enjoy the hike when you hike Table Mountain


overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa, Table Mountain

Table Mountain standing at 3500 feet and 3km wide across from either side is a mammoth. Visitors from all over the world flock to grace its summit for the scenic views.
Table Mountain not only stands atop the peninsula and CBD but it also wraps around it with its range of mountains, such as; Lions head, signal hill and the 12 apostles.
Atop the mammoth of the cape, lies a rocky plateau covered by fynbos; plants indigenous to South Africa and wildlife such as: eagles, sunbirds, porcupines and lizards.

The Cable Car

The aerial cable car is a state of the art vehicle that provides the easiest mode of transport to the summit of Table Mountain.
Established 87 years ago. This has been a go to mode of transport for many of South Africa’s visitors and residents when visiting Table Mountain. The aerial Cable car under goes regular maintenance and is kept up to date.

The cable car station is at the base of Table Mountain accessible to all vehicles and has its own line of public transport.
The ride is a gentle one, lasting a mere 5min. The cable car rotates during the journey offering a 360 degree view of the surrounding areas. At the top lies a self-catering buffet and lots of space to picnic.
The trips between the cable cars is 10min to 15min. The last departing cable car times vary between season and weather. The cable car also does not run during adverse windy weather, during this time it is also not advisable to hike.


• Buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.
• Parking maybe difficult during the busy season of summer so opt for public transport.
• Due to varying weather conditions between cable car stations, bring along: a jacket, sun lotion, good walking shoes, sunglasses, water, snacks and money.
• Be cautious when with children as the fall is perilous.
• Online tickets can be bought on web tickets.

The trip to the summit is paid off by the incredible scenery at the top. There is lots to be seen and lots of walking to be done at the top. It is safe for children and the elderly as well.


Cape Town’s hike to the top.

Lions head has become a Mecca for locals and tourists alike. Peaking at 669metres above sea level. It offers a panoramic view of the city, the Atlantic sea board and its suburbs. It is no wonder so many hike up to the top.

Lions head formerly known as Lueewen kop by the Dutch(translated to Lions head) in the 17th Century and also formerly known as peak sugar loaf by the English, surrounds many of Cape Town’s suburb’s towering above them as a Guardian. The mountain is surrounded by fynbos, indigenous to the Table Mountain ranges and cape granite. It is also right next to signal Hill.

The walk to the top is an hour long journey. The slope to the top starts off with a gradual incline then rises high into the head of the lion. The challenging areas are around bends where you’re caught between a rock and steep downward slope towards the blooming greenery below into the suburb of Fresnaye, the metallic grip ladders and chains used to hoist yourself to the next level.

Though there are child friendly routes that do not consist of chains and ladders.

At the top lies the true beauty; a scenic view of the city, suburbs , waterfront and Ocean all lie ahead for any who take on Lions head. The top of the mountain consists a rocky surface and rare endangered Fynbos. Lions Head is also a great place to take pictures.

The mountain can be scaled by any able bodied individuals. The slopes are fine for any type of fitness.

The full Moon hike up to the top of Lions Head has become a tradition in the cape. Masses flock to the base to take their chance on spotting the full moon at the apex of the mountain. Though it has also become a norm to hike to the top to catch the sunrise and sunset.

Tips  Lions Head Hiking essentials:

  • Hiking boots
  • Water
  • Sunscreen lotion (depending on the time of day.)
  • Bottle of good wine
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses

The scale to the top is not completely easy so please do take caution, though it is also not very hard so anyone can do it given the right conditions.

The Mountain is under the protection by Management but is accessible at any time of the day to hikers.

The base of Lions Head is located on signal hill drive. There is a small convenience shop for hikers who need last minute refreshments.

Once you hike up to the top, you will never see Cape Town the same way again.


Halloween in Cape Town

Halloween, 31st October is day to celebrate the dead. Thought to have Celtic origins, the day is widely celebrated all over the world and we here in Cape Town play our part in the celebrations. We flock in great numbers and take to the street for the annual zombie walk followed by debauchery at the local clubs for a raucous Halloween night.

The day is commemorated in Cape Town by dressing up and wearing facial make up to resemble a Zombies then followed by a walk in the city in the best zombie hobble anyone can do in search for brains. The masses take great effort in the costumes and facial make up to resemble actual zombies. The event in the past year has amassed 3500 Zombies and is speculated to amass more people this year.

The event is child and pet friendly. The organisers liaise with the local traffic department and close off parts of the road in order to ensure a safe walk for the zombies. Along the walk there are medics and marshals to guide the event through safely.

The event is in place to raise funds for the lucky Lucy charity foundation.

The event this year will begin at the Company Gardens following a 4.5km walk and ending at Madison avenue, one of Cape Town’s new and popular club, on Mechau Street where there will be music and brains(food) sold to any hungry zombies. At Madison Avenue you can groan to hobble to your heart’s content to great musical acts.

The walk is free though the tickets to the Zombie fest can be found on the official website. The Zombie fest will take place at Madison Avenue where drink specials will be available until 9:30pm.

Event Details  For all you Zombies

The Zombie walk has been running for 7 years and has been growing in popularity amongst Cape Town locals and tourists. It’s a fun filled occasion for the family and undead pet. Grace the streets this 29th of October if you dare and show off your best Zombie walk.

Planning a Trip

Pre-departure planning is important. Here are certain things you should watch for and plan for.



Check with the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country to find out if you will need a visa to visit the country of your destination, especially for an extended period of time. Some countries have extremely detailed and complicated entry/departure laws, and treat visits of a week or two very differently from longer stays.


If you’re traveling to one area, check the cost of living there. If it’s high you’ll probably want to budget more carefully and save some money before leaving. The lower the cost of living the less you’ll have to save, but be sure to have a back up reserve in emergency cases.

General Tips

Talk to other people who have done a similar trip.

If you don’t know anyone personally, try any of the dozens of online travel web sites full of first-person travel stories covering every possible type of trip.

Plan big and loose. Read everything you can about the area.

There may be sights and attractions you didn’t know about. A rough outline of your trip might have three or four target points and a variety of ways to get between them.

You don’t want to find out that the weather isn’t what you thought, or the guide book was incorrect, after committing to 6 weeks in a specific spot.

Some trips will allow you more leeway than others. Travel plans in Asia can often be made day-by-day while summer travel in Europe should be organized at least a few weeks ahead, unless you’re prepared to hunt around for hotel rooms and train seats.

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